Kendal Open Penitentiary Focuses On Plenary Service

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KENDAL, MEDGO.ID – IIB Kendal Open Penitentiary, Central Java, pays serious attention and continues to strive to be able to provide the best service to the community.


To achieve this, Friday (1/4/2022), located in a multi-purpose building, Kendal Open Penitentiary officers participated in activities in the form of delivering service excellence training or training in plenary services.

As a resource person in this activity, the Area Manager of Operation and Service of Bank Syariah Indonesia for the Greater Semarang Area, Gangga Sitaliari.

On that occasion, the Head of the Kendal Open Penitentiary, Rusdedy, said that providing services in accordance with what was needed by stakeholders or the community had become commonplace, where nowadays, government agencies are required to be able and able to provide complete services to the community.

Head of the Kendal Open Penitentiary, Rusdedy.

“Providing services that exceed the expectations or expectations of the community will certainly lead to satisfaction. I hope, after participating in this training activity, Kendal Open Penitentiary officers must be able to behave better in providing services. Anyone who is served, whether inmates, visitors or stakeholder guests,” said Rusdedy.

Gangga in her presentation on Delivering Service Excellence, said that there are three service levels or service levels consisting of Standard Service, Customized Service and Excellent Service.

“The third service, namely Excellent Service, is to provide added value from what consumers or society expect,” explained Gangga.

Furthermore, Gangga, gave an example of the added value provided in excellent service, including the elements of consultation, concern or sensitivity, intonation or tone of voice in contact, officer initiative and more energy in service.

The atmosphere of the Delivering Service Excellence training was more lively, where on the sidelines of her presentation, Gangga invited Kendal Open Penitentiary officers to practice serving the community.

In this session, Kendal Open Penitentiary officers received suggestions and input so that the services provided were included in the Excellent Service category. (*).
Reporter: Adang.

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